Ram Raksha Stotra and Its Benefits for Marriage

Significance of Sri Ram Raksha Stotra – Lord Rama Yantra

Sri Ram Raksha Stotra is perhaps the most effective remedy for all issues. Everything is probable while the name of Lord Rama is connected to it. The Setu Bridge, which was built to enter and seize Lanka, was created from stones floating on the water. All the rocks and boulders had the name of Lord Rama etched on them. In ancient texts, poetry was composed to honour some gods and goddesses are classified as Stotra. It is assumed that perhaps the recitation of Ram Raksha Stotra, in accordance with all of the other guidelines set in the ancient times, would put an end to all the challenges faced by anyone.

Sri Ram Raksha Stotra must be chanted by carefully following all the practices linked to it. Rituals and traditions to be practised at every religious event are always given special regard in our ancient writings. Most of the times, despite idolizing the Gods daily and also honouring our Isht Devtas and Devis, we don’t get successful outcomes. It is because we fail to acknowledge and disregard the rules and guidelines. Ram Raksha Stotra must also be chanted in compliance with the required important religious niceties.

The Yantra is believed to reward the worshiper by encouraging supremacy over all adversaries and demonic forces. It is also said that anyone who devotes himself to Lord Rama is granted peace, happiness, fulfilment and sense of accomplishment. This Yantra defends the worshiper from difficulties, rivals, threats, illnesses, and hazards by serving as a shield, thereby laying the groundwork to all-round wealth, safety, conveniences, splendid glory and prestige.

You may mount the Ramraksha Yantra in your home, workplace, or perhaps even wear it as an adornment. The Ramraksha Yantra is a holy instrument composed of a diagram or icon formed by geometric forms assembled in a symmetrical design that aligns with the forces and beneficial frequency range of Lord Rama. This spiritual religion-based illustration has the potential to attract the core values of Lord Rama and to convey the purpose of a mantra or procedure. This mighty Yantra reverberates with the spiritual energy of Lord Rama and blesses the worshiper with moral authority, virtue, all-round stability and wellbeing.

Sri Ram Raksha Stotra for marriage

The Yantra has Lord Ram and Sita Mata as its deities. This means that along with the prosperity of an individual, it also benefits your marriage.

  • It helps in spreading positivity in the couple’s lives.
  • It helps in warding off evil eye and activities.
  • Given its strength and benefits, it blesses the couple with a lot of virtue, honour, love, and respect towards one another.
  • Marital life is incomplete without progeny. It helps in keeping your child safe from evil.
  • Along with mental and spiritual prosperity, it blesses you and your spouse with a long, healthy life.
  • If chanted eleven times, it would never keep the couple jobless. There will always be sources of income flowing in the household.

Guidelines to chant Ram Raksha Stotra

  • Always take a bath before chanting the mantra.
  • If you are listening to it on your phone, then you must close your eyes and concentrate.
  • Always chant the mantra in front of an idol or picture of Lord Ram.
  • Never sit on a cold floor or on a bed to worship. Always place a mat or a rug below you to chant the mantras.
  • Forget about the world; choose a quiet place to worship. Concentrate on the mantras.
  • When listening to it on a device, make sure you play chants and not songs. Never play Ram Raksha Stotra as a Bhajan (Hymn) or Song.

It is only after the chanting of Sri Ram Raksha Stotra with full dedication and commitment; you would bear its fruitful benefits. His name and every verse are so powerful that nothing negative can get to you or affect your marital life.