If you are in office or busy somewhere, you can request a horoscope reading by sms.

Now you can send an sms to my number directly and expect a reading as soon as I am free.

After receiving your SMS I will analyze your horoscope thus I would need some time to analyze. So within 15-20 minutes you can expect my with a answer with detail of your planets & logical horoscope principals.

The service is not free but not costly also. You can pay INR 100 (Only for Indian Users) for this service.

I assure you your SMS request would be taken on priority as next customer and you will be able to get quick response for your questions.

How It Works?

Its very simple and easy to pay online. You can visit this link for payment.


Pay Now Button on Payment Page


After payments you will receive a transaction id by email like the image below.

Horoscope Service Email Receipt


Just SMS your transaction id with your question and birth details @ 98028 10368






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