About Marriage Future Predictions:

Marriage is not only an alliance between two people but also two families. Naturally, the matches are made in heaven; however, Vedic astrology makes sure that you are making the right decision. Astrologers consider some vital aspects when all kinds of queries surrounding Marriage Future prediction. Following are the most important aspects-

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Guna Matching

This is probably one of the most essential steps of future marriage prediction or stating whether an alliance can be fruitful or not. There are 36 gunas.if not all,  there should be a significant amount of gunas that need to be matched for a successful marriage. Remember, this goes in accordance with planetary positioning and readings.

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7th House Reading

The 7th house in your birth chart is related to your marital life and spouse. The ruling planet of this house is Venus. Astrologers look for auspicious planets in the seventh house, which is Venus, moon, mercury, and Jupiter. Some planets which are favorable for the seventh house are Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and sun. This makes them aware of your life obstacles and provides you with remedies for a smooth, married life.

Delay in marriage or early marriage

As mentioned before, the more favorable the planetary position, the earlier your marriage is going to happen. The conjunction of Venus and Mercury in the seventh house indicates a very young marriage. Although Saturn delays marriage, if it sits with a favorable planet, then it increases the chances of marriage at a young age. Sun in the seventh house, not only delays marriage but also creates a lot of obstacles in married life. If you have Mars in your seventh house, you’re probably a Manglik, which means there would be severe marriage delays. Please note that this means only marriage will be delayed, but it would be a successful one.

No planets in the seventh house

There is no need to worry if there are no planets in the seventh house. It is very common to have no planets in the birth chart. In such cases, the position of other planets is considered in the birth chart.

Favorable age for marriage

The approximate age can be ruled out by taking a look at your seventh house and the various planetary positions. If there is Jupiter in your seventh house, chances are you will get married between the ages of 24 to 26. However, if you have a moon or mercury in your seventh house, you might get married young at the age of 18 to 23. These are just a few examples of how planets can foretell the favorable age for your marriage. Another example would be if Saturn sits in your seventh house, then the native would get married only after he or she has done 35. You must not worry as the right astrologers would only suggest the best for you and you must not conclude to any decision just by a few references.

Timing of marriage

The positioning of Jupiter can predict your marriage year in your birth chart. Jupiter usually stays in a given zodiac sign for about thirteen months at a stretch and then moves to another one. Astrologers study your birth chart closely and especially take a look at the placement of Jupiter.

Relevant planets

Along with other planetary positions, there are two planets that can give future marriage predictions irrespective of their placement, and those are Rahu and Venus. Consider the positioning of these two planets for stability and even marriage timing.

Marriage astrology is incomplete without the aspects as mentioned above. Right from the best age to get married to progeny, the above points are all considered for marriage predictions.