Love marriage in horoscope today are very common. It is no more a taboo; today, more and more love marriages are getting accepted and arranged by families. Although arranged marriages still exist, they are not too popular among youngsters as there are a lot of factors that make them not trust arranged marriages that easily.

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Today, the youth has progressed very well. Today, women and men also meet and establish shared emotions, affection, and appreciation. You don’t want to marry an utter foreigner if you don’t know them for a bit. First of all, the pair have less time to learn each other in arranged marriages. Secondly, no certainty is provided whether an individual is genuine or not, as accountability and honesty are not defined during the bonding phase.

Love Marriage in Horocope

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That’s why people nowadays choose to wed somebody they’ve shared a few years with. Nowadays, parents support love marriage as well as they recognize this generation’s outlook. The majority of the population already question astrologers in their lives regarding the chances of love marriage. This is because you cannot compel or mandate a marriage of love on any instance. After arranged marriages, love may still evolve. People remain entangled in love relationships, though.

Love marriage in horoscope modern and practical rules of astrology

Love Marriage happens due to Rahu in 5th house. The top reason is love always considered a sudden & incidental event in life. The incidents happen in our life suddenly that are related to Rahu only. When Rahu exists in 5th house the love marriage possibilities become high.

Venus is another reason if situated in 5th house because Venus is a symbolic planet of love, affection, deep love. When Venus is situated in love related house 5th house its aspect is on 11th house which is considered for wishes. Love wishes will be fulfilled if you have Venus in 5th house.

5th House Connection with 7th or 2nd House is also considered for a strong reason for love marriage in the horoscope. 7th house is of 1st marriage and 2nd house is for 2nd marriage. If 5th house lord is in 2nd house and if 2nd marriage happens that will be love marriage only.

5th House Connection with Benefic Planets. No ill effect on 5th house + Situated Benefic Planet.

Yes, this is another yog of love marriage in horoscope because Moon, Venus, Mercury gives ideal situations for love & aspect of these planets make it possible. Sorry I am not giving the name of Jupiter for a reason.

As per Vedic Astrology, love marriages are predicted after analyzing the seventh house, fifth house, eleventh house, and the eighth house. The planets we need to look at our Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Rahu.

The planetary positions, their conjunction with other planets, are checked in the natal charts to predict love marriage.

Let’s take a look at some of the planetary positions and combinations for love marriage.

  1. If Venus is well-positioned in the fifth house, and the sun is placed in the seventh house, it makes an auspicious combination, and this increases the chances of love marriage.
  2. If there is an auspicious connection between the fifth house and the eighth house, or you have sun positioned in the eighth house of your natal chart, you will definitely be in a relationship that would be arranged into a marital alliance.
  3. Another auspicious combination for love marriages is when Arudha Lagna and Upapada Lagna are combined in the birth chart.
  4. It is to be noted that Rahu and Venus conjunction is known to be the planetary combination for inter-caste marriage or love marriages. It should not be taken in a negative sense; Rahu basically is a planet that gives a boost to everything. Venus is a planet of love and romance, in conjunction with Rahu, especially in the seventh house, which clearly indicates love marriage. This conjunction in the eighth house and the fifth house would give the same result.
  5. A very positive and extremely auspicious combination for love marriage in the natal chart is when the lord of the fifth house is in the seventh house, and at the same time, the lord of the seventh house is in the fifth house. If Venus and Mercury are placed together in the eleventh house or place with the lord of the eleventh house, it indicates strong chances of love marriage. Rather, a successful love marriage.
  6. This might not be an easy combination for a few to digest, but a Rahu Moon combination is also an indication of love marriage. This conjunction is not taken in a positive way, mostly. However, it increases the chances of love marriage in the native’s life. Also, the moon and mercury conjunction also give the same results.

Although everything should be left for destiny, there is no harm in consulting an astrologer to know the scope of love marriage in one’s life. If it is meant to happen, astrology would definitely guide you.