Dear Friends when will I get married is not just a question but it has become a problem for youngsters but your horoscope can tell you when you will get married & how will be the life partner. In this post, I will tell you the exact time of marriage rules in astrology by date of birth & time so let’s start with basics.

If you are seeking for marriage and you’re getting delayed, your horoscope has the reason. Look in your horoscope yourself by following these basic rules.

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I have some very easy methods by your horoscope to find out when will you get married. You can follow these simple rules whether you have knowledge of astrology or not.

In your horoscope, there are total 12 houses. 1st house is of yourself and in front of the 1st house, this is the 7th house which is of your marriage, life partner.

We analyze everything about marriage by 7th house of the horoscope.

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Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon are all benefic planets. If you have one of these sitting in the seventh house of the horoscope, obstacles automatically disappear in the way of your marriage.

But if any other planet is also with one of these planets in 7th house of the horoscope, Marriage is definitely in disruption. Rahu, Mars, Saturn and Sun all these are malefic planets.

Any relationship of all these planets with the 7th house will not auspicious for marriage or conjugal. Yet to predict the position of the planets and their Zodiac positioning is necessary to consider.

If you want to get into more details I have written the detailed article on my blog about it. Click here to read all about marriage delay and age of marriage as per astrology.

When will I get married if my age is 26-27

A lady asked me this question that I am above 26 when will I get married & to whom. My experience says if two or more benefic planets are in 7th house, you will get married between the age of 25-27 years.

As many benefic planets will be there, the marriage time will become shorter.

For example, the horoscope is given below of a lady who has the marriage at the age of 25.5 years of age.

Marriage in the age of 25.5

In the above horoscope, Jupiter exists in 7th house and Venus + Moon’s aspect is on Jupiter. The three benefic planets are blessing the seventh house (Marriage place in the horoscope) with their full positive energy. This lady was married when she was 25 year and six months old.

I am 30 still want to know when will I get married

A person asked me I am 30 & want to know when will I get married the exact time of marriage because still above 30. Sometimes people take our test. But I have to answer everyone. If you are over 30 and your marriage is still not fixed, you would have more than one malefic planets affecting your 7th house in your horoscope.

Malefic planets have not the same effect but they have high and low intensity. Saturn affects the 7th house of horoscope with its full intensity. If Saturn is more than 10 degrees in your horoscope, you can expect its full effect.  And if Saturn is in its ending degrees (27-30) you will get its effect with low intensity but Saturn’s lower intensity will be equal to of other planet’s 20 degrees. So Saturn affects the seventh house more than other planets. If malefic planets are high in degrees you will have serious marriage delay in your life.

Here is the detail for low and high-intensity planets.

 Planets Full IntensityLow Intensity
Saturn 10 to 27 Degrees0 to 10 & 28 to 30
 Rahu3 to 25 Degrees 0 to 3 and 26 to 30
 Mars1 to 10 Degrees 25 to 30 degrees
When Combust by Sun
 Sun1 to 10 Degrees25 to 30 Degrees & in
4th house
 Jupiter7 to 23 Degrees0 to 6 & 27 to 30 degrees
& when Retrograde, Combust
 Venus10 to 20 degrees
When Retrograde
25 to 30 Degrees &
with Sun, Mars,
In the 3rd house of the horoscope
 Mercury1 to 29 degreesWhen sitting with Rahu & Mars
When Retrograde

Example of marriage age prediction by astrology

When Rahu sees the 7th house this becomes critical for marriage.  The likelihood of a break in the relationship increases many times. Whether you are married or you want to get married to your friend, your relationship would never last in the case when Rahu sees the 7th house.  The 2nd thing is Mars, Sun, Rahu, Saturn is malefic planets if one or more planets are in the 7th or more than one planet looks 7th house, this becomes a divorce yoga. In the below example, Mars, Saturn and Rahu aspect is on 7th house and Sun exists in 7th. This lady had a late marriage at the age of 34 and within 1.5 years she got divorced.

Serious marriage delay in 7th house Saturn.

Please click here to see more detailed examples of my reports.

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Example Marriage Horoscope Reading Report


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heena · August 17, 2013 at 2:54 pm

my d.o.b is 2 april 1991. t.o.b is -12:20 pm and place of birth is delhi,india.
i want to know when will i get government job of teacher or lecturer. and when will i get marry? how will be my married life?
please tell me.

Shruti Sharma · September 25, 2013 at 9:38 am


My horoscopic details are-
Date of Birth: 27.10.1986
Time of Birth: 26.10.1986 Night-02:02 am.
Place of Birth: Delhi-R.K. Puram
Religion: Hindu

From last two years we have been receiving marriage proposals but things start amazingly but every time it end up with disappointment. Please suggest me what all is there in the way to come. When will i get married and my life after marriage!


    Horoscope · November 9, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Your Saturn is in seventh house of horoscope which is good but Mars is also sitting with Saturn. That is why you face disappointment in the end. You should wear a Blue sapphire in silver ring. The good thing is in next year 2014 you have marriage yoga in your horoscope.

Anamika pandey · September 26, 2013 at 6:07 am

My birth detals are 5/5/1985 , time of birth 3 am n birth place varanasi. Please tell me when will i get married n how ll be my married life.

Hemant Choradia · November 14, 2013 at 12:23 pm

I am Hemant Choradia. Born in Howrah ( Kolkata, West Bengal) Time : 17: 25
Date : 01.07.1984 . I have not been getting marriage proposal and my parents have been searching for the same. Please tell me when shall I get married and whi it is getting delayed.

Sunanda · November 15, 2013 at 11:07 am

My details are:-

Since last 17 years I’m facing torture relating to marriage and job. when will I get married and I want to know about my career too. plz suggest me something

Kusuma · November 17, 2013 at 9:23 pm


My horoscopic details are-

Date of Birth: 05.09.1988
Time of Birth: 09:30 AM
Place of Birth: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Religion: Hindu

Please tell me when will I get married. And how will be my marriage life.

Warm Regards

pRAVESH kHURANA · October 15, 2014 at 2:46 am

name pravesh khurana
d.ob 04-05-1993
time 1:12 pm
plz tell me as ia am manglik when i”ll get married as , my family want proposal comes automatically, plz tell abt my carries, upto which time i”ll get a job and maaried

sahana · October 16, 2014 at 9:32 am

i wnt to know when i will get married

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