When the turning point of life takes the wrong turn the first marriage breaks up. In such situation, the Kundali reading for 2nd marriage is recommended. Because you never know the reason behind your break up. This post is about Kundali reading in the situation of 2nd marriage hope is taking place into your mind.

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This is really hard to face the situation of relationship break up but I have some astrological tips who can guide you what to do. The question of your mind whether I should be divorced or not & what will be future if I take divorce.

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Reason for Separation in Kundali

Sometimes people get into the love of each other & don’t even want to know what astrology says about it. Some people get a good married life but those who have trouble in life they seek to answer the question of what will happen now, obviously astrology is the way you can find your answer. Separation always happens when your stars are not compatible with your loved ones. I am giving you some technical points here who are responsible for separation.

  • If your Moon Star sign is Number 5 and your partner’s Moon Star sign is Number 6 you are not compatible to each other when you get married. Because 5th Lord is Mars & 6th Star-Lord is Rahu. Both are enemies of each other.
  • Wherever your partner’s 7th house lord will exist your partner will give priority to that thing only. Suppose you are Ascendant Aries and your 7th house lord Venus is situated in 11th house of the horoscope, your partner’s profession will be the top priority of his life. If same lord Venus situated in 2nd house the partner’s priority will be family only. This will result as family interfere with your relationship. Which will be one-sided.
  • If lord of 7th house is situated in 6th house of horoscope that will present a lot of reason for your separation. Because the 6th house of horoscope is known for debts, relative enemies, diseases. Due to these three things you get start obstacles in your relationship.

I can present thousands of rules if you give me a chance of your Kundali reading for marriage purpose. But this post will be incomplete if I don’t mention about the next life after your marriage break up.

If you are divorced

If you are already got separated & want to know your horoscope reading for mariage I am giving you simple rules to follow so that your 2nd marriage could be harmonious.

  • Try to maintain the natural & friendly relationship with your ex-husband or wife.
  • Get promise & do promise with your partner so your future married life not get affected.
  • With new energy of mind start life all over again.
  • Analyse your mistakes in first marriage break up & make it sure that you do not repeat in future.

After following all above points you can come to me for Kundali reading for marriage your in future. I will give you the clear vision about your 2nd marriage.

  1. I will tell you what will happen if you go for 2nd marriage.
  2. If you have kids what will be the future of your kids.
  3. If you are in what you should do.
  4. In case of 2nd marriage, how will be your married life?
  5. How will be Financial position in your 2nd marriage?
  6. I will read your horoscope to find the reasons for 1st marriage break up so that you do not have that situation again.
  7. How will be 2nd life partner by nature & appearance?

If you are thinking of Separation

If you are thinking to get separate Kundali Reading is necessary

If you are about to get Separated & do not want the divorce. You can feel free to share your birth details with your partner’s details. I will find the issues & try to give you solutions so that your bad phase passes peacefully. I will try to find the prediction about your married life whether you will be able to survive with your current marriage or not.

Kundali reading for marriage is necessary if…

You want to get rid of all problems like family problems, quarrel fights, arguments on small things. I would not like you to give advice on divorce or separation but still, I will look into the situation. In the horoscope reading for marriage, I always do manual work for you. This type of marriage prediction you will not get from busy astrologers or companies who provide Kundli reading for marriage and relationship, career or life prediction.

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If you are still not getting the answer to your question just share your problem with me using the form below. I check each and every email very carefully to respond on time. I always try to give my best in terms of relationship because without love & affection you cannot eat, drink, sleep or live your life with the peaceful mind. So why are you waiting for just send me your birth details & if necessary share your partner’s birth details in the text field.

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