How to match horoscope before marriage? It is the year 2020, and people have become slightly careless with relationships and the purity it comes along. While this is a trending notion and mindset, there are people who respect the sanctity of marriage and how it is essential for a couple to be emotionally, physically, and spiritually connected and compatible before tying the knot.

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This union is for life, and people must respect the laws and principles of marriage. Although many questions the authenticity of the result that people usually get through horoscope matching, most people respect the process and the calculations that go behind it.

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Horoscope matching is not a new trend in the market. It has been approached, used, and considered for ages and must be acknowledged when a marital alliance is supposed to take place.

Let’s take a look at how horoscopes get matched.

How to Match Horoscope before Marriage

There are mainly three things that are considered when matching the horoscope. On the basis of which an alliance is declared successful.

  • Guna Milan- a compatibility assessment on the basis of eight aspects or AshtaKoot.
  • Manglik Dosha- it is an important factor that is considered on the basis of the positioning of Mars or Mangal in the birth chart.
  • Navamsa Chart Strength- Overall, the lookout of the natal charts of the girl and the boy and how it is going to benefit one another.

Guna Milan

It is one of the most important factors when it comes to horoscope matching. There are mainly eight factors on the basis of which the compatibility of the couple is tested based on their emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical aspects. There are a total of eight aspects which are also known as AshtaKoot. Each aspect has a maximum score that totals down to 36.

NADIHealth and Wellbeing8
BHAKOOT(RASHI)Planetary Positions in The Birth Charts, Emotional Compatibility7
GANABehavior and Temperament6
GRAHAMental Compatibility and Friendship5
YONIIntimacy level and Sexual compatibility4
TARANakshatra compatibility and Fate3
VARANSpiritual Compatibility and Ego levels1

The match will be assessed on the basis of the score.

  • 32-36: a perfect match
  • 24- 32: a good match
  • 18-24: Average match
  • 0-18: not recommended

Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha is one of the most dreaded combinations in Vedic Astrology. It happens when Mars is placed in the ascendant house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house, or 12th house, then it is considered as Mangal Dosha. The native is, in this case, is called a Manglik.

When Mars is positioned in the ascendant house, it is in a strong position, but if it is placed with the moon in the ascendant house, the Dosha is canceled in both birth charts.

Navamsa Chart

Navamsa or the D9 chart reading also holds a significant position when it comes to horoscope matching. It literally translates to the nine aspects of life.  It is very useful for accurate predictions for the union. The exact strength of the planets placed in the birth chart can be ruled out through Navamsa chart reading. The comparison would lead to understanding if the planetary positioning of both the individuals are cordial or not.

There are so many questions and doubts while matching two horoscopes. A couple would need all kinds of validations from an expert in the hope that nothing would spoil their relationship. Although astrologers always advise having honesty, loyalty, and respect towards one another to build a successful marriage, there are somethings that can only be rectified with the help of horoscope matching and astrology.