In Hindu culture, the significance of horoscope reading for marriage cannot be questioned. This shouldn’t be taken otherwise as even youngsters believe in astrology science when it comes to important decisions like marriage. The traditional approach to a marital alliance emphasizes on horoscope matching for a successful union. People often take it as a joke or illogical practice, but nobody understands the practicality and technicality behind Kundali matching. However, there have been surveys that declared that astrology doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to marriages but the sentiments of those who wish to consult an astrologer before marriage should not be disrespected. Having said that, that’s not the case everywhere. As per research published in correlation in 2001, 72% of participants, especially women, did not consider astrology as a superstition.

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Horoscope matching & benefits

Is it true that Leo and Sagittarius is a better couple than Sagittarius and cancer? Can a Capricorn and cancer make a good pair? Are air signs compatible with fellow air signs, or can they be compatible with fire or earth signs? That’s the thing about astrology; there is no one single aspect to consider and declare whether the alliance will be fruitful or not.

Horoscope matching comprises so many aspects then just sun sign calculation. In the case of marriages, Vedic astrology covers the boy and girl’s compatibility in every aspect that is ego, mental compatibility, friendship, sexual intimacy, love, health, luck, and happiness. On the basis of eight different Gunas, they are scored, which gives an idea of whether or not the alliance is successful.

Apart from that, the planetary positions, dosha, yogas, and various other challenges and odds are considered to declare anything. In a way, yes, horoscope matching is important for marriages. It gives everyone mental satisfaction that the couple would lead a happy married life as there is no other motive behind horoscope matching. This becomes all the more important when an alliance is formed through an arranged marriage. Finalizing a marital partnership is not a cakewalk; some essential aspects of marriage need to be considered and checked before marriage. Problems like extramarital affairs to conceiving and arguments can be predicted during horoscope matching. As advanced as we are, people would always be sensitive towards such issues and would want them to avoid them at all costs. Astrologers recommend performing dosha nivaran pujas according to the problem. This would ward off the ill effects of the dosha in the birth chart.

Does everything come down to horoscope matching in the end?

While horoscope reading for marriage is important and significant, one cannot neglect and ignore every relationship’s true essence, which is love, understanding, mutual trust, and respect. It is crucial that there is a union of souls and mindset before a match of Kundalis. Even if the Kundalis successfully match, a Manglik is married to another Manglik (which is considered a great match). There seem to be no odds in the alliance; there is still a chance of a divorce or separation. The truth remains that without mutual respect, honesty, a bit of compromise, and adjustment, no relationship in the world would sustain.

To conclude, horoscope matching is deemed significant and essential for most couples.  Even if you indulge in love marriage, you must consult an astrologer to nullify all malefic planets’ effects. The most important factor for a successful marriage, in the end, is trust and love. According to astrologers, you must consider horoscope matching only if you have faith in the cosmos. If you are confident, respected, and happy in a relationship, then nothing is more important than that for an alliance. Maybe not even the validation of horoscope matching.