If you are waiting for your marriage this question will arise in your mind that when will I get married and to whom the Indian Astrology can answer all about your marriage by date of birth & time of birth, place of birth calculation. But sometimes you don’t have accurate birth details like time of birth or date. In that case, what should we do?

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You still have a way to know when will your marriage take place. Let me explain a couple of rules to know marriage by your date of birth.

Rule #1 – The past incidents of life helps to know future

Past helps to know your future
Past incidents to confirm the marriage time prediction accurately.

If you know the exact date of birth and don’t know the timings,  no doubts astrologer will have to look into details and he will surely open the planetary positions of that day when you were born.

In one day there could be several ascendants. Tell your astrologer if you have a rough idea of your birth time. If you know it was evening, morning, afternoon or late night, just tell the astrologer. This will decrease the hard work for an astrologer.

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Astrologer will create 2 or three different ascendant horoscopes and ask you some questions. And you will be requested to answer a few of your past incidents. By various time, the questions will be different. If you confirm and find all the things are true, you will get an estimated time of your birth by the astrologer. In most of times, this rule works. I have many times applied this rule and predict the future.

Will he ever marry me?

Rule #2 – Prediction If you don’t know the exact time of birth

In that case, the astrologer will have to create 12 different horoscopes to tell your past incidents. 12 horoscopes because there are 12 ascendants in 24 hours. If the astrologer is experienced, he will surely determine your estimated time of birth and he will be able to give all answers of your questions. Off-Course, you can ask as many questions you want to confirm he is true. If he has given you the estimated time of birth after his calculation, he will tell you at least 80% facts about you.

12 different horoscopes to determine your time of birth
12 different ascendant in a day.

Rule #3 – Marriage prediction by date of birth calculation

This rule is very simple. If you know the day you was born, astrologer will look into your moon sign. Moon sign changes after every 50 hours approx. Whether you know your date of birth or you don’t know, your moon sign always being analyzed for marriage prediction by horoscope.

Moon sign for marriage prediction

Rule #4 – Question Horoscope or Prashna Horary if you don’t know your date of birth

prashna lagna for marriage prediction
The planets of your question timing.

This method is being used when you don’t know your date of birth. When you ask a question to the astrologer, he notes the date, time and place of your current presence. Such horoscope is not much reliable but have seen many astrologers who only use this method and don’t ask you anything when you question them about your future.

I am not a fan of Prashna Horary and avoid in most cases but if I have no other way, then I try to look into Prashna Horary with more details.

This is how astrologer does their tasks and interpret all about your future. There is one more method to determine your marriage. That is palmistry which I will explain in my next article. Give me your feedback on this article. Maybe I’m missing something but if you share your thoughts, I will love to listen to your voice.