Second Marriage Predictions After Divorce

Marriages are made in heaven. But it is also true that not all marriages are successful. Not all couples are meant to stay together for life. Only Astrology tells you about the second marriage predictions.

Having a different outlook is a key reason for separation. However, some couples give up on the relationship just because they are provoked or misguided by others.

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Yeah, it is pretty much possible in today’s society.

Manoj and Usha haven’t been on good terms for long. They locked their horns over trifles. Usha was a working woman. She was guided and consoled by her junior, leading to her split with the husband.

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You can lose your partner to anyone if you let the bitterness grow between you. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with getting separated if you don’t share a good rapport with your partner.

However, make sure that you are deciding without being pressurized or encouraged by others. In other words, your decision should be based on your understanding of the circumstances, not fuelled by others.

Astrology Comes to Your Rescue

If you are going through the same circumstances that can lead to your separation, give astrology a chance.

A good astrologer can predict such unwanted events. This is really important if your life partner is not willing to divorce you. With the help of an astrologer, you can determine how long it will take to get a divorce or if it is not possible at all. Astrology can also be useful in case of having kids.

Here are some astrological calculations to find out the possibility of a second marriage after divorce.

  • If the lord of the 7th house is in the 2nd house, you have good chances of a second marriage after separation. And this yoga can also make your second marriage successful. If the 7th house is affected by Rahu, Saturn or Mangal along with the influence of a positive planet, it might lead to separation.
  • If Jupiter affects the 7th house, getting a divorce might not be easy. Likewise, if the 7th house is occupied by a positive planet, the chances of getting a divorce are hindered.
  • If the 7th house is occupied by two strong positive planets, the second marriage is as quick as the separation.
  • If the Jupiter and Saturn influence the 7th house, there are no marriage failures or the chances of the second marriage.

So you must have understood how astrology helps second marriage predictions. However, reader discretion is advised.

Talk to a good astrologer today to figure out the chances of second marriage or divorce.