Marriage With Astrology : International & Local

As soon as you come of age, your parents start looking for a suitable match for you.

Most people are curious to know where their potential life partners are from.

Sometimes your potential life partner is living in the other time zone, leading to unnecessary delays in marriage.

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However, astrology can help you as it can predict in which country or direction is destined for your married life. Only marriage with astrology gives perfect and happy life.

If your horoscope’s 7th house and its lord are located in the third, sixth or eleventh place, then your partner might be living abroad or away from your place of birth.

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If the 4th and 9th lords jointly occupy the seventh house or somewhere in the NavamsaLagna, then the native has the chances to settle abroad or other distant places.

Many IT professionals have to relocate abroad amidst their matchmaking, leading to delays in their marriage.

Many people look to settle in other countries and even resort to contract marriage to meet their purpose. A horoscope can also figure it out.

If Mercury sits in the seventh house, a native can see their marriage taking place in the north of their home or at the border town or state.

Here are some other calculations which are found effective and used for making predictions.

  • Your in-law can be in a bigger city than your hometown if your Venus is the seventh house. 
  • If the 7th house is affected by Rahu, your marriage takes place miles away from your city or abroad. 
  • If the 7th house is occupied by Ketu, your marriage can take place outside your city, society in a distant place. 
  • If the 7th house is occupied by Mars, your marriage takes place within the 100 kilometres of your state.  

So you must have understood how your in-law is determined by the astrology. You can approach a good astrologer for further details.

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