How Would be life after marriage?

Some people after marriage gets new opportunities in career while some stuck into hurdles & misfortune. If you are not feeling any good after marriage or destiny is not with you, your horoscope could have answer behind this situation.
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Venus is the planet who comes into our life as a life partner after marriage. No one can forget the moments of first few years of relationship. But if Venus is affected with malefic planets, the marriage turned into misfortune. This article has been written for those who have been already in this situation. It is quite important to determine the planet who is affecting Venus. Moon, Mercury, Jupiter does not affect Venus much whereas Mars, Rahu, Sun can be extremely harmful for Venus. I am going to explain all these malefic planets with remedies or Pariharam.

Pariharam (Remedies) for bad planets for your destiny

Rahu is one who is on top with its fatal efficiency. If Rahu is the barrier between you & your prosperity, I am giving you very effective tip to overcome the misfortune caused by Rahu. The dirt & dust in the religious place is owned by Rahu. You can isolate the dirt & dust (Rahu) from the religious place (Jupiter). By this remedy when you save Jupiter (Good Fortune) from Rahu, this also means you are saving your future from misfortune. If you cannot do this remedy daily, you can do minimum once in a week. In addition, don’t accept the gift of steel metal from anyone. If you have already taken, try to return it. Saturn is not harmful for Venus as compared to other malefic planets, Sun, Mars & Rahu. If Saturn is the reason for your misfortune, donate the cloths to poor & old person. Donate the pumpkin in religious place. Other than that a very effective remedy which is tried so many times is as follows. Purchase a steel lock on Friday. Donate it next day before 5:00 pm in temple. Keep the lock closed & key inside while you are giving to the person’s hand. Do not look back when you are exit from the temple. The moment when someone will open this lock for us7.e, will be your destiny which is now being open. If Mars is not favorable & is against your destiny, you can do this remedy on every Tuesday. Donate Tandoori Roti & Kheer with Pumpkin & some money to handicap person. Do this in the afternoon. Your mars would not harm you. If Sun is the reason of your misfortune, avoid laziness. Wake up early in the morning before Sun rise. After fresh by toilet, bath takes a copper mug of water and mix some milk, saffron or vermilion. Do this water cession to Sun when the Sun is just rise & is red. See the Sun through edge of the water. Within 40 days there would be no inhibition in your fate.