If you see the dreams of marriage it will impact on your life. What is the effect of marriage-related dreams by dream astrology let’s see what Ashok Prajapati says?

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You are young, handsome & unmarried then it is natural that you will see your wedding in the dreams. But if you see the dreams of your marriage repeatedly then I can’t say it natural. It may be a message for you. Seeing marriage in the dream repeatedly may be an indication to you that you will not be easily married and you may have to wait a lot for it.

There are so many conceptions of dreams. Normally it is believed that whatever we do, think in the day the same things come in our dreams. It is a general conception but no one denies the fact that some thoughts are running very deep in our mind and even sometimes we ourselves do not know about them. The roots of those ideas are very deep. Those thoughts or suppressed desires appear before us through our dreams.

The other conception is that some people have the power of prognostication, in other words, they can tell about the future events. They can foresee the future events through their dreams.

Let us not to deviate from our topic of marriage in dreams. First, we will consider the person who is not married and see his marriage in a dream. If this kind of dream comes once or twice, then we should not bother about it, these are worthless. But if you see your marriage in your dreams time and again, in that case, you should be alert, it may be your inner voice, something is going on in your mind. This may also be a sign of some serious problem which is being predicted by a dream.

It is not auspicious for unmarried people to see the marriage of another in their dream. If you are unmarried and watching the marriage of others in your dream, then no doubt there are hindrances in your marriage. Seeing others’ marriage in the dream also means that your marriage will be delayed in the real life.

Marriage is like a celebration in which you see the atmosphere of ecstasy and joy. Seeing marriage in a dream also means that there is a happy atmosphere in life.