People born with Rahu in the 8th house would not have the genuineness and truthfulness of their take on life. They’re going to be the type of people that can dream about having fun throughout most of the time at any cost. These People could also be unfaithful and deceive at times, and there is also a likelihood of dishonoring others in a committed relationship.  .It might result in a loss of healthy relationships in their lives.

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Such people who have Rahu in the 8th house would splurge a lot of money unnecessarily in their lives. They will often be pressured to way too much money in legal trials or people who are not worthy of it. Rahu in the eighth house will make you encounter several challenges in sustaining partnerships and address the loss of stability.

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They are interested in spiritual experiences, sorcery, and the force about spontaneous transformations. In exceptional cases, the individual may see himself in deep waters in relation to their spouses’ financial assets. Rahu here often leaves us monetarily dependent on everyone else. Such individuals can also create fraudulent compensation, statements for illegal profit, fraud and bogus marketing, expertise that they do not hold. Rahu in the 8th house induces economic losses, deficiency in the body, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Rahu effects on Married life

The married life of the individual is not going to be comfortable. The spouse will be a wealthy family, but would not honor or cooperate peacefully with the native. The spouse will be arrogant and rigid and would treat the native nicely. The partner will be dominant, and the individual would be submissive to his or her spouse. Kids are likely to be fewer. There seem to be risks of one progeny dying prematurely. Married life is going to lose stability, affection, friendship, and happiness. The native will fulfill his or her moral obligation to maintain a relationship. Still, often ego clashes could get you divorced, and maybe you’ll see a lack of economic loss, mainly as a result of your divorce. Domestic abuse will often inevitably contribute to relationship ending and divorce.

Rahu effects on all ascendant signs

  • Aries- Aries is ruled by Mars, and therefore Rahu in the eighth house in Aries is not favorable as it is an enemy planet. Rahu in Aries would lead to injuries, accidents, and surgeries.
  • Taurus- This is not a very bad positioning as Rahu is a friend of Venus. However, it would be best if you were careful of being over materialistic and greed for pleasure and luxury.
  • Gemini- There can be revenue instability. You will have a tendency to manipulate people and face problems in life due to it.
  • Cancer- This is not a good position as the ruler of this sign is the moon, an enemy planet. This can make you an alcoholic and would give you a lot of stress in life. The power of the moon, however, can alter the effects.
  • Leo- If the sun’s position is good, then Rahu gives beneficial results, the native can become a photographer, politician or a film actor, etc. Authority and a lot of fame are guaranteed.
  • Virgo- It would enhance your research ability skills. Your diseases will not be easily diagnosed.
  • Libra- There are chances of a marital alliance out of your caste, or even abroad. You will have the zeal to lead a luxurious life.
  • Scorpio- This makes the native stubborn, negative, and sadist. Problems from your maternal uncle’s side could arise.
  • Capricorn- There will be a delay in getting a job and setting a career. You would be traveling due to your job.
  • Aquarius- This is a comfortable placement. It would make you successful in a foreign land.
  • Pisces- There will be a constant fear of the water bodies or even drowning. However, you will have the ability to sound decision making.

Remedies of Rahu in the eighth house

  • Keep a small piece of square-shaped silver.
  • Do not argue with your in-laws.
  • Do not be dishonest with anyone.
  • Avoid south-facing properties
  • Offer your prayers to Durga Mata every day.

Rahu in the eighth house is not the most favorable position, but nothing is as strong as will power to remain honest and true in life. Guidance from an experienced astrologer would help a lot in eliminating the ill-effects of Rahu.