Astrology for Marriage Age Prediction:

Do you want to know when will you get married? Or you are worried about the delays in your marriage?

Admit it. Most people use online astrology tools to predict their marriage age predictions, time and other life events. While using such tools is great fun, they can’t guarantee accurate results. This is because they are just a computer program being run on codes and conditions. Top of that, marriage date and time cannot be automated as there are many factors to consider.

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However, a real and experienced astrologer takes all things into account to make an accurate prediction.

Here are some factors used by an astrologer to predict your marriage age.

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Important Points Used by Astrology for Marriage Age Prediction

Rahu and Venus play an important role in marriage astrology. Venus represents relationship and love while Rahu determines the right time for getting married.

Important Astrological Houses for Marriage

  • 7th House symbolizes marriage and partnership and relationship. In fact, it is known as the house of marriage.
  • 8th House represents stability in marriage and sexual relationship.
  • 2nd House shows one’s association with in-laws.
  • 11th House symbolizes social and friend circle as well as the fulfilment of desires. 

Important Combinations and Yogas for Marriage by Date of Birth

  • The connection of the planets with the 7th House.
  • The Effect of Malefic Planets in Birth Chart.
  • The 2nd House should not be under any affliction. 

The Role of Navamsa Chart in Marriage Prediction

Navamsa is one of the divisional charts being used in astrology. Also known as D9 chart, it is created from the birth chart or D1 chart. It includes many factors for marriage data prediction. Navamsa is checked with the birth chart. But if the Navamsa Kundali indicates more problems while the birth chart does also have negative things, it can create problems.

The Navamsa chart is created by dividing any zodiac sing into 9 parts. The 9th house is the house of Fortune or Dharma. In Hinduism, marriage is considered as the Dharma or the supreme duty.

12th Houses in Navamsa Chart and Their Impact on Marriage Life

  • 1st House represents the overall health and longevity of the partners.
  • 2nd house represents wealth through inheritance or marriage.
  • 3rd house represents the methods of survival and sustaining your marriage.
  • 4th house represents comfort and happiness from marriage.
  • 5th house represents romance, conjugal bond and fun in one’s married life.
  • 6th house represents debts one accumulates through marriage.
  • 7th house represents the nature of one’s spouse and traits. It also shows your personality when it comes to sacrifice and compromise in marriage.
  • 8th house represents the longevity of the marriage.
  • 9th house represents spiritual or religious beliefs
  • 10th house represents the public opinion on the marital status
  • 11th house represents hopes, desires and wishes of a native and their spouse.
  • 12th house represents sexual pleasures in married life as well as travels and spiritual life after marriage

However, the key houses to look at while analysing marriage time or other related predictions are the 1st house, 4th house and 6th house in the Navamsa chart.

Planets to Be Checked During Navamsa for Marriage Prediction

The study of positive and negative planets is also done in the Navamsa chart.

The negative planets are Mars, Sun and Rahu along with Ketu and the Saturn. Ketu and Saturn can bring delays to your marriage as well as cause friction in one’s marital life. But Mars, Sun and Rahu lead to divorce and separation. Positive planets like Moon, Jupiter and Venus will provide good results in the 7th house.

So all these factors are kept in mind while determining the age and date/time of your marriage. An astrologer checks the best planetary combinations so that your marriage can take place in the most auspicious yoga.