Matching Kundali Through Astrology:

Marriage is an essential aspect of life. This brings a special soul to your life. Along with your spouse, you get introduced to a new family. Marriages are not just a union of two people; it is an alliance of two families. Marriage is known to be like a mirage. All the charm and fascination is only from a distance. It takes a lot of work, patience, and optimism to work your way through the liking of your in-laws. Matching your kundali through astrology will help you in-laws prediction.

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All aspects are important to you and can be decided by your Janam Kundali. Matching Kundali through astrology will benefit you a lot. Astrology can also suggest connections with in-laws.

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Astrology & In-laws

Within the birth chart, the seventh house shows the characteristics of the partner. The fourth house from the seventh that is the tenth house corresponds to the mother-in-law. The positioning and influence of the planets may signify the personality of the mother-in-law. Similarly, the fourth house of the birth chart reveals the spirit of the father-in-law and the ninth house, the personality and nature of the sister-in-law, as well as the brother-in-law. Here’s all you need to hear regarding your spouse and your in-laws.


The fourth house in the native birth chart is regarded as the mother’s house; therefore, you need to review the fourth house from the seventh house to check the mother-in-law’s house. The fourth house from the seventh house becomes the 10th house. Consider the tenth house of the natives to see the planetary situation in this house. We have the lord of the tenth house and the planet of the tenth house.   If this house were to support its own ruling planet or a favorable planet, your Mother-in-law would be admired in her conduct. If the planet is the Moon, she will be nurturing and affectionate.  She’d be a little more dominating if the planet is friendly.


The father figure, contrastingly, is depicted by the ninth house of the individual. You ought to review the ninth house from the seventh house to understand the characteristics of the father-in-law. The ninth house from the seventh house is the third one. Your father-in-law will be behaving like the same way as the planets co-exist or position in your third house.


Your third house reflects your brothers and sisters. The third house from the seventh house is the ninth house of the birth chart. A malefic planet such as Mars or Rahu in the ninth house will have a confrontational relationship with the husband’s siblings. Favorable planets like Venus, Jupiter, or Moon will have a rather pleasant and reciprocal interaction with the spouse’s siblings.

Astrological Remedies for a cordial relationship with In-laws

Now that you are aware of the favorable and not-so-favorable planetary positions to know your in-laws’ traits and personality let’s move on to how to avoid even the slightest misunderstandings you face with your in-laws.

  • Plant trees at your entrance gate. This would keep the disputes at bay.
  • Four days prior to the wedding, offer turmeric pieces, yellow gram lentils, and copper coins to in-laws. This would not only maintain harmony in the house but promote good health as well.
  • Get some jaggery, two silver coins and salt on the fortnight moon, especially which falls on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Make sure you hide them in a safe place in your home. Another way to eliminate the difference between opinions with in-laws and your spouse.

All the information shared about Matching Kundali through astrology with you is for you to make a sound decision before marrying someone. Consult a good astrologer to guide you through this phase by matching kundali. In-laws are equivalent to your parents, give them the respect, love, and affection they deserve, and most of your problems will vanish.