Introduction to Madhya Nadi Dosh in Marriage:

What is Nadi Dosh?

Kundali matching is a practice that continues to exist from the time immemorial. Even in the present milieu, it can make or break the decision to marry someone. Amidst the countless methods of reaching marriage compatibility between couples, the very first thought that comes to a person’s mind is the number of Gunas that have matched and whether or not there is a Nadi Dosh. But did you know that the Nadi Dosh actually accounts for the 8 Gunas out of the 36? Nadi Dosh is of three types and is calculated by analyzing the moon’s placement in different nakshatras of a person at the time of his/her birth. These placements are compared between the male and female who hope to marry, and if they are different, a score of 8 is added to the Gunas point chart. If the Nadi positioning is in the same Nakshatra for both, it adds up to a 0 point forming a Nadi Dosh, which is not suitable for a tuneful married life.

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Types Of Nadis and calculating the Madhya Nadi:

In all, there are three Nadi Types- The Aadi Nadi (the beginning), the Madhya Nadi (the middle ), and The Ant Nadi (the end). Each Nadi has a fixed set of 9 Nakshatras, and if moon is positioned on any of them, then accordingly, Nadi type of a person is known. Also, the scientific explanation to these Nadis lies behind the fact that each Nadi symbolizes the kind of gas that our body comprises of. As mentioned above, the three gases are-Kapha, Vaatha, and Pitha in the respective order of Nadis. The same gases are not scientifically considered suitable for family planning as chances are very high that the child will be either weak or won’t be formed at all. Apart from this, certain other psychological, emotional, or mental misbalance can happen between the couple.
A person has a Madhya Nadi or Sushmana Nadi if the moon is placed in any one of these Nakshatras- Anuradha, Bharani, Chitra, Dhanishtha, Mrigashira, Poorvashada, Poorvaphalguni, Pushya or Uttrabhadrapada. It is of Pitha or acidic nature. It is ruled by the Lord Vishnu and Fire.

What is Madhya Nadi Dosh?

If both male and female has the body of the same gas that is Pitha (acidic) in the case of the Madhya Nadi or astrologically if both have the moon positioning in any of the above discussed Nakshatra concerning the Madhya Nadi, then they have a Madhya Nadi Dosh which is an indicator of an unhappy and unstable relationship due to constant fights and quarrels between them. It like the same energies goes to so much extreme that it ends up into fire and destruction. The couple will not have progeny, and chances of miscarriage and unhealthy children are very high. Chances of husband’s death are also higher in Madhya Nadi Dosh.

How to fix a Madhya Nadi Dosh?

  •  Chant Mahamrityunja Mantra as there is a threat to the husband’s death.
  •  Accept a Diksha Guru and chant Krishna Mahamantra or Lord’s name given by him.
  •  Chant Krishna names.
  •  Donate food to needy people.
  •  Donate grain on your birthday in proportion to your body’s weight.


There are few exceptions that nullify the Nadi Dosha in general. If both the partners are of the same Rashi or Nakshatra, the effect of the Nadi Dosha cancels. A strong Lagna of both the partners also protects them from Nadhi Dosh. There are other aspects in Vedic Astrology where the Nadi Dosh nullifies. Therefore an expert astrologer must be consulted to help you sail through the complexity of the Madhya Nadi Dosh’s calculations.

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